UX has hit puberty. Clients and stakeholders are aware of terms like ecosystems, user journeys, and touch-points, but their understanding of exactly what these things are and how to use them for shaping a meaningful strategy is still fuzzy. Business owners now believe that customer experience is one of the best sources for long-term competitive advantages, but they still struggle to foster and achieve great experiences.

The good news is that clients increasing look to UX designers for answers about how our work can bring their business strategy to life. We are in a unique position to help companies evolve their strategy so that every touch-point becomes an opportunity for a great user experience. The catch is that to be successful, we must be fluent in the C-speak, the language of C-level executives and business directors, so we can help them recognize pain points and take the right steps to improving the user experience for their product, service, or brand.

There is a more strategic role for designers, but traditional design skills will only get you so far. To get a seat at the table with C-level stakeholders and deciders, you must acquire new communication skills and new know-how. This workshop will cover:

  • C-speak 101 – the language of business strategy
  • What UX can add to the conversation that others can’t
  • 5 capabilities to add to your repertoire
  • Techniques for communicating decision makers

Designers are not generally taught how to define opportunities in ways that are credible in a business context. By learning to speak the language of C-level executives and senior business managers, we can communicate how all channels and touch-points must work together not just stylistically but with strategic intelligence to create a true and lasting value exchange between businesses and customers.

About Angel Anderson

Angel Anderson has 15+ years of experience humanizing digital products and services for clients such as Old Navy, Mattel, Best Buy, and American Express. Her design expertise has helped shape solutions for enterprise software platforms, large-scale web properties, and mobile apps with recent work focused on the link between physical and digital retail experiences. Angel is active in the Los Angeles design community as the founding IxDA Los Angeles local leader and as a guest lecturer at USC, UCLA, and The Arts Institute of California. When she's not designing, speaking, or traveling, Angel creates needle felted animals and tends a small urban farm with her family in Silverlake, California.

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