"No one cares about your brand. It is not loved. It is not important. It is not invited anywhere but to your company picnic. That is, unless you can make the brand relevant to people’s lives. To the way they understand things…No one cares about your brand unless you find a way to speak to why you care about it." - Scott Goodson, Author of Uprising

And that is where design comes in. Most marketers identified brand awareness as a goal. And that is where design comes in. Most customers don’t feel like marketers understand them. And that is where design comes in. The ultimate purchasers are becoming blind in this noisy marketing world. And that is where design comes in.

We as designers need to rethink our world…rethink our purpose…rethink our importance.

  • Defining Brand Awareness vs Brand Aware-less
  • The Current Problem of Designers
  • How to Reach a Blinded Audience

About Nora Richardson

Nora D. Richardson is a life-long learner, creative and a big believer in making the world better and more beautiful place through effective branding. Founder of her own branding design firm, Spot-On Branding, LLC, Nora is known as the "big picture" brand consultant and designer for small to mid-sized companies. She believes that you are never too small to look big. Nora speaks to business owners and students about branding and is regularly featured on websites such as Biznik, Brandergy, and Blogher. She has been published in The New York Times and The Costco Connection as well as been a co-host on an International Radio Show about branding, which reached listeners across three continents. Although she focus’ on small to mid-sized businesses, she has branded and designed for several Fortune 500 companies, including Kahlúa, the Olympics, and Northwest Airlines.

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