With sites out there like "Clients From Hell" it can be easy to see clients as our opposition and to forget that they are actually our lifeblood and the sole reason that many designers have been able to make a career out of their passions. In this talk, Sophie will explain the importance of joining forces with clients rather than setting up against them. She will provide tips about educating, selling design, and keeping clients excited about the work at hand.

About Sophie Shepherd

Sophie is a Senior Designer in Happy Cog's Austin office. She cares deeply about designing websites that are simple, easily navigable, and full of necessary, applicable content. When not designing, Sophie enjoys cooking, drinking beer outside, riding her bike, road trips, and camping. She is active in the Austin web design community, where she organizes the Dribbble Meetup and teaches Intro to Responsive Design and Intro to Sass for Girl Develop It.

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