Spike Jonze's movie Her is about a man falling in love with his OS. The film is science fiction, and the forecasts are both exciting and challenging. As we imagine what’s next, the goal for UX designers is not how to make devices more human or more lovable. The questions we should chase are: How can we create products to sustain and amplify our human relationships rather than to replace or deflect them? Are we looking for technology to meet our needs or help us become less needful? How can we design Things that coax more good from our brains and our hearts?

About Scott Stroud

Scott is a UX consultant, collaborating with organizations on their digital product strategy: interaction design, user testing, behavioral design and Lean UX methodologies. He was a principal interaction designer of the original NPR iPad app and the NPR.org responsive website. He is also a certified yoga teacher and writer.

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