You're starting to incorporate content strategy into your organization, building up (or elbowing your way into) a process that shepherds content from concept to implementation.

And yet: there are bottlenecks and broken tools, slowdowns and workarounds. Despite the big ideas and deliverables, the process of producing and publishing content is still awfully messy.

Luckily, you've got the skills to improve it. In this session, we'll talk about how the content strategy work you're already doing can help identify and untangle the knots in your team and workflow, and lead to a more sustainable content production process.

About Lisa Maria Martin

Lisa Maria Martin is a content strategist, information architect, and writer based in Washington, DC. She is also an editor at A List Apart. In her previous lives, she’s been a copywriter, a designer, a journalist, and a lecturer at several universities, extolling the virtues of MLA citation and Oxford commas. You can follow her on Twitter @redsesame (but she mostly tweets about doges and Star Trek. Fair warning).

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