Maps are a powerful new data type in Sass 3.3 — giving you key-value pairs without the pain of nested lists, or the clutter of variables. Maps are great for site settings, mixin arguments, data storage, and more. We'll explore maps from the insane to the mundane, and find ways to incorporate them into any web project — from sites and apps, to Sass libraries and frameworks.

About Eric M Suzanne

Eric Suzanne builds custom web software with OddBird, soundscapes with Teacup Gorilla, and performance art with Vicious Trap. He is the author of two forthcoming novels and many original performance pieces, core developer on the Compass project, creator of Susy (Sass layout engine), True (Sass unit testing), and other open-source projects. Eric has developed work for Mozilla, Junyo, SpringGun Press, The Operating System, The Media Archeology Lab, Illiterate Magazine, and Pittsburgh’s City Theatre.

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