President John F. Kennedy was a visionary. In 1962, he proposed the seemingly impossible challenge of walking on the Moon. On July 20, 1969, that challenge became a reality. It was a moment in our history that propelled us into moving beyond our self-imposed limitations of what we, as human beings, are capable of doing.

Today, we see how this vision of space travel has affected our love and work on technology. Our multiple devices and subscriptions guide us through our daily lives, which has changed the way we see our world.

But how does this love for technology propel us forward to solve the most difficult problems we face as a society: ever growing issues, such as hunger, poverty, climate change, social inequality and injustice?

This talk reflects upon where we are as technologists, where we have been and how we can start focusing again on solving hard problems. We’ll go over ways attendees can contribute their talents, gifts and ideas to varying initiatives around the globe which are taking on these challenging issues.

About Julia Elman

Julia has been working her brand of web skills for nearly a decade. She started out as a designer for an internal marketing group at a travel agency in Los Angeles, and quickly honed her skills as a web designer using HTML/CSS. Her creative nature drove her to find work at Hallmark Cards, Inc. She worked mostly on Flash development and on projects such as the Product (RED) campaign and Hallmark’s site re-design. In 2007, her team was awarded the AIGA award for Web Design as a result of their work on the Product (RED) microsite. She first learned about Django after attending the 2008 SXSW Interactive Festival. She was amazed at how rapidly you can create useful web applications using Django. Shortly after the festival, she left Hallmark to work at the Lawrence Journal World as a Junior Designer/Developer, where Django originated. She worked on projects such as Ellington CMS and Marketplace, where she developed applications, designed templates, and wrote client-side documentation.

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