A little more about Ben

Benedikt is the Chief Design Officer at 6Wunderkinder, the makers of Wunderlist. As a writer, advisor and speaker Benedikt is an advocate for human-centered design and has made it his goal in life to create meaningful experiences for millions of people. Benedikt developed a character-driven design approach and believes that making technology more human leads to an emotional connection between user and product and in the end to a more successful business. Benedikt loves handmade things, typography, the sound of water, Wall-E, the smell of fabric softener and photography in black and white.

Ben's Presentation

Love & Trust – What we know about relationships holds true in products

Why do some people fall in love with some products and others don’t? What does it take to get a product passed the first date toward a lifetime partner? This talk is about how you can apply the patterns of human relationships to design products that people fall in love with.

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