A little more about Christy

Christy Harner is the Creative Principal and co-founder of Binary Ventures, a digital agency and app development firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. A serial entrepreneur, she has been a founding member of several other companies, including NexTable, Spendboss and Dream Big. Her passion is for design-- whether in film, illustration or web development. Every year, Christy helps dozens of startups create their entire identity--from logo to mobile apps to social media to film. She has a B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies and has written several young adult novels, including Behind Every Illusion. In her spare time, she travels the world, spends time with her kids, and studies Mandarin Chinese.

Christy's Presentation

The Creation of a Brand

Whether a startup company or a new product line for an existing business, Christy will discuss the process of creating a brand identity with a client. From market analysis and "unique factor" discovery to logo and tagline creation, from messaging and web design to social media campaigns and video production, we will walk through a typical brainstorming session and learn how to effectively win a client's heart and give them a product and brand identity that will exceed their expectations and bring to life their dream.

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