A little more about Laura Helen

Laura Helen Winn is a visual designer who focuses on digital services and products. She works with the designers, researchers, and engineers at Smart Design in San Francisco, where she bring projects to life–from user research to final designs. Laura is driven by thinking critically about design as a discipline, and encouraging new designers to do the same. That's why she co-founded Hike, a conference for new designers, presented by The Secret Handshake. Her mission is to empower new designers to do the hard work required to reach their aspirations.

Laura Helen's Presentation

Take a Deep Breath: We're All in This Together

What does life look like when we stop pretending we know everything? How does our outlook change after we get down to the hard work of improving ourselves? Graduating design school is just the beginning, and your technical skills will only take you so far.

What's the real trick to success? Coming to terms with who you are, where you fall short, and having the courage to change for the better. I won't teach you how to be a rockstar designer. I will teach you how to be an excellent human.

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